Plugin Error Multiclicker

If your getting plugin error with multiclicker just follow any one of these methods bellow, if method 1 don’t work try method 2. note that this doesn’t always fix a plugin error. plugin error has a variety of causes for instant you can get plugin error if a site has update their script, sites down, anti-cheat pop up or officiously the plugin needs an update.

Method #1:

Screen Shot:




Method #2:

Download the internet explore browser and install it in the multiclicker browser folder…Good Luck!





2 responses

  1. Hey,
    Are you going to update the plugins? Lots of them are not working…

    1. Hey, I’m sorry for the outdated plugins but due to the rapid change of the internet plugins will become outdated. Submit your name and email here: you’ll receive my PTC referral guide, then Register at buxenger here: to manage all your PTC site in one place then I’ll send you some of my working plugins.

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