Ptc Auto Clicker Software Free Download – Earn Money On Autopilot

Earn a fully automated income with multiclicker 2, this is a multi-account, multi-platform program that clicks all your ads for you on PTC (Pay-To-Click) sites, for those who do not know what PTC (Pay-To-Click) is these are websites that pays its member for clicking and view advertisement, this is where multiclicker comes in it will do all the work for you on autopilot.  There are five version of multiclicker in my opinion the best version is 2.3.0 which is what I’m currently using, plugins do not require any serial key for this version unlike v2.4 and above  most plugins require serial key in order to work. To use multiclicker you need small scripts called plugins the have *.site extension at the end of the file, I will share all of my plugins with you later in this post.

To get started you most download multiclicker:

Best version: MC2_2.3.0

Least Version: MC2_2.4.8


How To Use Multiclicker:

You can also download my brief guide of how to use multiclicker here

NOTE: MC2_2.3.0 plugins will not work for MC2_2.4.8!

Legit Plugin List:

This is my legit PTC sites and plugins that works and really pays :



Minimum Payout: $1.00
1st Payment Proof
2nd Payment Proof
3rd Payment Proof




Minimum Payout: $0.50
Payment Proof



Minimum Payout: $0.60
Payment Proof



Minimum Payout; $0.01
Payment Proof
For this plugin to work properly download extract it then copy and replace it in the multiclicker captcha folder




Minimum Payout: €0.50
Payment Proof



For more plugins check out my test list here……..

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